Bare Truths: Women’s Deep Concerns?

goodbye tinkerbell

It’s a major gripe these days from the so-called Women’s Movement (who can barely articulate just what it is that they are protesting) and from many Liberal pals of mine…

…The winner for “Women’s Biggest Gripe” is:


And The Winner is: “The Commodification of Women BY MEN” !!!!

The audience goes wild with approval, with the women-warriors-for-social-justice getting up off their seats for a standing ovulation.

I’m beginning to think that cognitive dissonance is becoming the new-normal order of the day. There is barely one news anchor or one sex-pot female recipient at the Academy Awards who, if not exposing massive amounts of her skin in an otherwise lovely full length gown, then certainly looked as though she had either just stepped out of the bedroom in her very skimpy negligee, or, had just stepped off the beach.

News anchors are the best examples of this because we get to see them together, with the men (always tightly encased in formal clothing head to toe) sitting in some “casual” setting. I guess that setting is to make the cast seem like they’re part of our living rooms. It is difficult to find one woman among them whose dress does not ride up to her crotch….again prompting me to ask myself, did she just step off the beach? That kind of attire (minus their 5 inch spike-heels that is) would seem appropriate to the beach, and not for a viewer-audience who should be more interested in listening to the what the woman has to say instead of inviting the men in the audience to look up her thigh, and wistfully imagine what delights lay beyond—and not very far beyond at that. How old-school of me. If that isn’t beach-baby enough, then moving upward, these modern women will also make sure that as much cleavage as possible is barely not-visible so that they fall (literally) within the bounds of “respectability” and the TV censors. Of course, arms must always be bare. That goes without saying, even though I just did.

Dear TV News-Women and Others,
It’s all bad news. The primary, and primal, message that you are sending is: “Men, I am available for sex. Commodify me. Don’t listen to me, just check me out. Drool over me and imagine.” So who is commodifying who here? Instead, how about being dress-appropriate to the task at hand? You don’t see the men showing up in Speedos and tank tops at either the Academy Awards, or TV News shows.

Mindless gripping. This is what children do. They lack the necessary development to self-evaluate. Therefore they never look to themselves as the cause for anything gone wrong; and that is appropriate to childhood and childish ways, (“Mom, I didn’t do it. Johnny did!). But this seems to be the order of the day for today’s “adults”, who steadfastly, stubbornly, WILL NOT say goodbye to Tinkerbell.

I am aware of the exceptions out there. Dana Perrino for one (and you have to look far and wide for such an exception) always manages to look lovely, feminine, but still professional and appropriate to the venue. She looks like a serious pro who happens to be a woman, with important things to say, and critiques to offer, with no overt visuals to distract the listener. She seems to be one of the few women in broad-casting (pun intended) who is aware that she is NOT at the beach, did not just step out of the shower, did not choose to wear her negligee to work, and as an adult chooses instead to focus the audience’s attention on what she has to say instead of on how much skin she can expose and the sexy-day-dreams from men that she can evoke.

So, back to the original point. Who’s commodifying who here? Is a man commodifying a woman with his words (sure), or does she commodify herself even more by exposing her body, and under-dressing herself, in much the way that a whore or show-girl would have scantily presented herself maybe only 40 years ago? It does seem, far too often, for my Midwest-conservative upbringing and values, that the vices and taboos of the not-very-distant past, certainly within my memory, have become the most valued virtues and norms of today.

I don’t find them very virtuous or adult. And these national role models for women will only insure that “commodification of women” will continue to be the order of the day, affirmed and riveted into place, by each sleep-walking gender—of which there are only two. But that’s a different story.

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