Religion of Peace?

goodbye tinkerbell

Islam a Religion of Peace? (Only if you dwell in the Land of Make Believe)

First of all, it’s a lie on both counts. Why?

There is nothing “peaceful” about Islamic doctrine, behavior or intent.

Secondly, Islam is so much more than a religion—and is so far removed from any ideas we have in the West about what a religion is. Islam is a complete political ideology that dictates how you are to live your life beginning with your first breath and ending with your last. And this is strictly and ruthlessly enforced through the “legal” system (run by Clerics) and is known as SHARIA LAW. We in the West cannot seem to wrap our heads around these facts. And yet, WE MUST.

A How-To:

Just use your own eyes and ears and see and listen to what’s going on in Europe right now, and what will only get worse, and IS getting worse. So, that’s Step One because it’s easy. The next step is to read this woman’s story (link above: Ayan Hirsi Ali) and so many others like her’s. That’s Step Two and OK, it’s a slightly more demanding assignment. Then, read The Koran. It’s Step Three and it’s considerably more challenging. Here’s why:

The Koran consists of the writings of two distinct periods in Mohammed’s life: “Meccan” and “Medinan”. The Meccan phase is noted by quite moderate, and at times, even semi-enlightened thoughts—the exact opposite is true for the Medinan phase. When Liberals want to make a case for Islam, they will ALWAYS and ONLY quote from the Meccan period of Mohammed’s writings. And that is a total distortion of facts and reality on their part. (And is yet another sign that the Left steadfastly will not say goodbye to Tinkerbell, and childish wishful-thinking with regards to this topic.) However, the Medinan writings supersede and negate the Meccan and they tell an entirely different story…

As befits the irrationality of Islam, the chapters in the Koran are arranged according to LENGTH of the passage, and not according to chronology. So that means that The Koran consists of writings from the earliest part of Mohammed’s “ministry” interspersed with writings from the latter part, resulting in an insane (schizophrenic) mosaic of chapters.

From that mishmosh, frankly, it is impossible to piece together anything that looks like the motivation for today’s acts of terror (which are always accompanied with the call of “Allah Akbar”….”God is Great”, and by inference: “I did this by God’s command.”).

So how to make sense of it all and get to the kernel of what is REALLY and truly motivating far too many Moslems, and how to get at what is the “approved” reading of The Koran?

You have to understand the Islamic Doctrine of Abrogation. That doctrine, quite simply, asserts that all of Mohammed’s earlier writings are ABROGATED (rendered null and void) by his later, vicious, writings and commands found in the Medinan chapters. Only those later (Medinan) verses and commands are to be followed. Get the picture yet?

Unless you understand these basic “rules”, you are navigating in the dark with regards to Islam, as are, unfortunately most of us, particularly Liberals.

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