Mr. Obama, Where Were You?

goodbye tinkerbell

An article in “the algemeiner”, March 3, 2017 asks the following question: “Why were the 7000 Anti-Semitic Incidents Under Obama Largely Ignored?” (1)

This comes on the heels of an announcement recently of Jewish cemeteries being vandalized in St. Louis and Philadelphia. My Liberal friends, incensed that I might even suspect Moslems (or their influence) as having any involvement, loudly and proudly informed me that several members of the Moslem community in St. Louis came out to help restore the vandalized headstones. Sadly, my question back to them is, and must remain: “That’s very nice, I think. But how are we to know, with regard to their assistance, where the truth begins and taqqiya ends?” Answer: We cannot. Pardon my skepticism. On the other hand, the Neo-Nazis and their related brand of insanity should never be given a “pass” or overlooked when hate-crimes are committed against Jews.

In addition to that desecration of a place for the dead…and what an outrage…desecrating the dead…committed by half-developed, human-like creatures…“Almost 100 Jewish community centers and day schools have been targeted with antisemitic threats. The map of the threats is shocking. It stretches from Maine to Florida, Texas, Colorado, all the way to California and Washington.”(1)

Why has the media for so long ignored this blight both here in the U.S. and of course in Europe where it is, and HAS BEEN rampant for decades? And yet we hear nothing of it. Why the omission in reporting? If there had been an equal number of hate crimes against Blacks, those events would have had 24/7, 365 days a year, coverage.

There are so few Jews left in Europe, and they are fleeing by the thousands each year, but that doesn’t stop the onslaught of hate-crime-violence directed at them, which, interestingly, increases as the Moslem population does. Oh dear, what will Europe and its Moslem denizens do when there are no Jews left? And will Trump open our doors widely to welcome those Jews to our shores?—true victims of persecution, who wish to flee Moslem Anti-Semitic violence. And most of all, would the Left do their best to block an influx of these refugees? Probably they would self-righteously block such an influx, because for the Left, Anti-Semitism has become the new social justice. It’s now cool and hip to hate Jews and be champions for Islam. Worst of all, but not entirely inexplicably so in this writer’s view; it is also now cool and hip for Jews on the Left to be champions for Islam as they roundly condemn Israel—Israel—their last best hope for safe haven when the walls of a centuries-old-hate closes in on them in the “free” world. This is psychiatric. What a sick permutation and pathetic-excuse-for-a-party, the Left is morphing into.

So back to the original question: Why was this almost completely ignored under Obama? Why didn’t he step up, and loudly and as often as necessary, condemn this? I heard nary a word and was largely ignorant of it until this latest spate of hate. All we heard FOR YEARS was the usual Moslem grievance-machine at work, complaining endlessly about attacks against them, many of which were fabricated by Moslems, by their own admission, and which fall far short of the number of hate crimes committed against Jews and homosexual men in this country. Far short.

So Mr. Obama, why the unrelenting defense of Islam? Why your persistent claim that ISIS had nothing to do with Islam?—combined with an unending attempt at brainwashing the American population into believing that Islam is a religion of peace…all of which are outright, provable lies, and dangerous ones at that. Why the passionate defense of Islam?—why the refusal to use the phrase “Radical Islam”? Hmm? I’ll tell you why he did not speak out and condemn these acts, which, by the way, will probably average out to be about the same number of incidents that have occurred so far under Trump. So let’s not make Trump the “fall guy” for what “seems” to be a record in anti-Semitic attacks in the first weeks of his presidency.

Why?—because Obama either feared, or knew, that large numbers of these incidents were perpetrated by Moslems, intent on following though with the call for virulent Jew-hatred and annihilation that courses through the Koran like a putrid stream and is spewed forth by Imams, daily, all across the globe. On some level, which is (was) NOT subconscious, Obama’s sympathies lay with his paternal lineage, having caused many of us to ask throughout his terms in office, “Whose side are you on?” I’m still not entirely sure what the answer to that question is.

Obama was (and still is) on a father-quest, (it’s an old story) pursuing the dreams of his Moslem-convert father. Yes, the very same father who graciously donated his semen so that Barrack might be conceived, and then disappeared into the well of history. We have all paid the price for Obama’s father-quest, and we were, in a sense, as a nation, acting as counselor and psychiatrist as he attempted to fill that enormous hole in his life, dug deeply for him by an absent Moslem father who has now taken on heroic or at least sympathetic qualities. Obama’s bowing and oh-so-tender physical embraces with Moslem rulers (Saudi Arabia and Turkey most notably) bear testimony to the father-quest in full stride, and his deep identification with Islam…all to America’s disadvantage.

Mr. Obama, “Whose side are you on?”


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