And The Democrats Remained Seated


Tonight, Donald Trump delivered his first Address to Congress. It was a virtuoso performance in terms of emotive power, connection and content. The speech was aspirational, inspirational, full of hope and future, as well as being dignified and composed. We watched as Donald Trump initiated himself as the President of The United States. He collected himself and he delivered. And he looked, sounded, and acted, like the President. He presented us with a list of the challenges which lay ahead, and outlined policies which he either has implemented already, or will shortly. He was clear and concise.

He dealt with issues, both foreign and domestic, as they ARE, not as he would wish they were, but as they ARE…as an uncompromising pragmatist would do, the mark of an adult. He spoke of putting the needs of the American citizenry first, of utterly common-sense immigration policy reform and of lowering the obscenely high cost of prescription drugs, among numerous other topics of great import.

The Republicans, moved by what they were witnessing throughout the one hour speech, rose to their feet dozens of times in loud applause. And the Democrats sat on their hands, looking like peevish children annoyed that the world was being depicting as IT IS, instead of the way that they wished it were….annoyed for example, upon hearing that immigrants would now be held to account if they break the law, just like any citizen would be.

So much of it sounded like common sense, which is quite uncommon these days.

One side of the aisle looked like adults; and on the other side, many of whom were sitting together dressed in white to show their solidarity for the lame and rudderless Women’s Movement (led by a Sharia-proselytizer) looked like Tinkerbell’s tikes, yet again.

And these observations come from,

hold onto your pacifiers,

a Liberal.

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