An Odious Comparison of Refugees



Today’s Lesson from Tinkerbell:
“One of These Things is NOT like the other”.

I hope you’re paying attention class.

Tinkerbell is used to teaching this simple concept to children, who, by the age of five, have mastered it completely. But, it seems that today’s “adults” are having enormous difficulty with this idea. In this Age of Perpetual Adolescence, Tink is working around the clock, trying to shed her sparkling light onto things like:

The popular device for public-shaming which is currently being used, by Liberals in particular, is that any Jew should be deeply ashamed for not being a champion for the Syrian refugees. The argument goes as follows: “You saw how the Jewish refugees suffered in World War II, so you should be in favor of bringing as many Syrians into the United States as possible. And you’re a terrible person for not standing up for them.” And of course, since Jews are not immune to the widespread malaise of interminable childhood, they are likely to hang their heads and agree, as children do when they have been chastised.

The only thing that Syrian refugees and Jews fleeing Nazi-occupied Europe have in common, is the name REFUGEE. Period. The comparison begins and ends there. And anyone with even a lick of understanding of the history of the Second World War, and with an IQ above 30, would understand the differences in 10 seconds. That same person would also see what an obscenity it is, and what a grotesque injustice it is to the six million people, who were gassed, butchered, experimented on, beaten to death, drowned, babies ripped out of their bellies, machine gunned, and hacked to death, to compare the two groups.

Here’s what Tinkerbell’s third grade students wrote out on the blackboard in two and half minutes today during their playground break. They also took the time to list everything for you. They know that today’s “adults” struggle with this. So we hope you appreciate their efforts.

1. Syrian refugees are not fleeing genocide despite what a sometimes revoltingly anti-Semitic press might report. They are NOT the victims of persecution in any way close to the ways that the Jews were. In fact, in far too many instances, it is the Moslems of the world (including Syria) who are persecuting and murdering Christians who live in their lands, and of course Jews, Animists (Darfur) and anyone else who has not declared fealty to Allah and his deeply psychiatric messenger. In addition, there are over 40 Moslem countries in the world who potentially can, and should be willing to extend a warm welcome to their co-religionists. Europe’s Jews on the other hand, had NO such buffer or safe haven and none was offered. Anywhere. Period.

2. Syrian refugees do not have the world’s most mechanized and sophisticated army obsessively dedicated to chasing them to the ends of the earth in order to butcher them…allocating enormous amounts of man-power and equipment to chasing down and destroying even one escaped Jew (read: Moslem). No expense was too great to chase one stray Jew across Europe. No expense was spared, and of course there were Moslem Waffen SS troops who gleefully joined in the hunt…yet another little factoid for our fairyland audience. Read about it. Read about the Muffti of Jerusalem and his role in the extermination of Europe’s Jews. You can’t make this stuff up.

3. Syrian refugees are NOT having to navigate their way through the geography of an entire world at war, with no safe haven anywhere and with zero humanitarian aid along the way. Once again, one of these things is SO not like the other. For the Syrians, the world is stepping up for them, except for Saudi Arabia that is, which is a mere 60 miles away from the war zone. Saudi Arabia to date has not taken one Syrian. The reason given? The Syrians pose too great of a security risk. You can’t make it up.

4. How about this little in-front-of-your-face factoid: that the majority of Syrian refugees believe (even though they may not say it) that the host country should conform to their belief system. Europe abounds with examples. Just give a listen to Anjem Choudary in London. He’ll tell you how it should be and he won’t mince words. And of course this is exactly how the Koran spells it out. It’s call Al Hijra….conquest through immigration, outbreeding, infiltrating and weakening the unholy institutions of the host culture. The religion also demands that the faithful do anything necessary to achieve that end. A favorite means is through “taqqiya”. That means that it’s OK for a Moslem to feign friendship, lie incessantly, and even forge alliances with the infidels until Moslem numbers and influence can overwhelm the host…at which time the true face of conquest becomes painfully apparent. Jews on the other hand possess neither the inclination, nor the religious justification for doing anything even close to that, despite what the scholarly Mr. Duke of KKK “fame” asserts.

5. The Syrian “refugees”, and all Moslems who are being true to the faith, are commanded by Allah to inflict horrible violence within the host country—if they choose to fulfill their jihad obligation by those means. There are other less violent choices. Jews on the other hand, wherever they light, immediately begin to assimilate into the culture. They contribute to the arts, the sciences, theatre and medicine to name only some. And they never tax the social welfare system. They do not drag the host country down with monetary demands of any kind….even though that is the stereotype of a Jew. A Moslem refugee, on the other hand, will cost taxpayers a minimum of $64,000 a year, per person. In dhimmi-witted countries like Germany, this enormous social burden can last a lifetime and includes multiple wives, up to four, and of course, the staggering number of children which result from that when a woman is kept continually pregnant throughout her childbearing years.

6. When Jewish immigrants arrive anywhere, the first thing they do, without exception, is to kiss the ground of the country that has given them safe haven. They go to great lengths to ensure that their children are taught to be loyal, grateful, and constructively involved in their new country. They are taught to be patriots and to proudly declare their loyalty to their new country and its laws.

7. When Jews arrive as refugees or immigrants in any country, you will not see a commensurate rise in hate-crimes against Moslems. However, the correlation between increased numbers of Moslem refugees, and violent and even lethal hate-crimes against Jews, skyrockets. Always.

To those engaging in public-shaming techniques, particularly directed at Jews, bring forth with your stupid, childish, and woefully uninformed opinions; but know this: you are entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts.

Have a nice day.

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