To: Germany, The land of grim fairy tales.


A recent statement from Tinkerbell: “Only children persist in Make Believe. Adults know the difference and deal with facts whether they are pleasant or not.”

A note to all you “useful-idiots” in the streets of Germany, waving flags and telling us that Europe needs more refugees. You are about to get your hearts’ deepest desire fulfilled. You will soon be, not only a Jew-free nation, but a Jew-free continent as well. As if you didn’t know that bringing into your land hundreds of thousands of the world’s most hate-filled, Sharia-intoxicated-Jew-haters, would not result in your Jewish citizens being forced to flee Europe by the thousands, every year. And so they are. What an interesting coincidence, but only if you dwell in the Land of Make Believe with the other old children.

Anti-Semitism in Europe is overwhelmingly Moslem anti-Semitism. So, good work. You are soon to be Jew-free without having had to fire a shot or even stoke up a gas chamber.  And the chaos which you are already experiencing, you richly deserve. So keep having marches, waving banners with slogans like: “Refugees. They’re not dangerous, they’re in danger”.  And keep lobbying for more unvetted Moslem “children” to teem into your country who hate you, your culture, your history and everything else about you and Western Civilization. And who, moreover, are determined, by religious decree, to destroy that civilization and replace it with a Sharia-based “culture”.

But it seems that you just can’t resist their one redeeming characteristic…they hate Jews, even more than you do and THEY WILL GET RID OF THEM for you. Finally, A Final Solution. You should hide in shame, all of you…and not just for your rabid anti-Semitism which is on full, ugly display, but for your childish and immature behavior, which is breath-taking and nauseating all at the same time.

2 thoughts on “To: Germany, The land of grim fairy tales.

  1. I have to agree with Diana Wests article. Western Govts are guilty of betraying their people by colluding with the ‘innocent’ spread of islam. Look at Sweden, under seige and still their Govt is in denial. Europe needs to rise up and halt immigration full stop. We never, ever hear of Christian and other non-islamic immigrants from the Middle East, I wonder why.


    • This article is NOT by Diana West. She is only quoted in the middle section of the sidebar. The main article that you are referring to, “Germany, Land of Grim Fairy Tales”, was written by one of the authors of this blog. It’s important to clear that up.


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