An Odious Comparison of Refugees

    Today’s Lesson from Tinkerbell: “One of These Things is NOT like the other”. I hope you’re paying attention class. Tinkerbell is used to teaching this simple concept to children, who, by the age of five, have mastered it completely. But, it seems that today’s “adults” are having enormous difficulty with this idea. In … Continue reading An Odious Comparison of Refugees

To: Germany, The land of grim fairy tales.

A recent statement from Tinkerbell: "Only children persist in Make Believe. Adults know the difference and deal with facts whether they are pleasant or not." A note to all you "useful-idiots" in the streets of Germany, waving flags and telling us that Europe needs more refugees. You are about to get your hearts' deepest desire … Continue reading To: Germany, The land of grim fairy tales.